Business Climate Advantages

The opportunities and advantages of doing business on the Southern Sunshine Coast are constantly growing. Options to join a longstanding employer, start a new business to serve the community, create a satellite office for an existing company, engage in remote work, or discover development opportunities are abundant.

Long-standing employers on the Southern Sunshine Coast are continuously seeking dedicated, professional, and committed employees to help grow their businesses. This presents a clear advantage to those looking to relocate. For entrepreneurs, goods and service gaps across the Southern Sunshine Coast exist, making new businesses opportunities advantageous. This, combined with a strong “buy local” sentiment among residents allows new businesses to thrive. Setting up a satellite office is another option and creates additional opportunities to employ the local workforce or recruit those who may be attracted to the Southern Sunshine Coast lifestyle.

Additionally, with the growth of remote work—well positioned to become common workplace policy—the Southern Sunshine Coast is ideal for full- or part-time remote workers. The ability to quickly connect to the city for meetings or events while accessing TELUS fibre optic high-speed internet at home makes for ideal remote working conditions. For investors and developers, there is a large availability of land pre-zoned for development and the Industrial and Commercial Lands Survey can direct those looking for opportunities in the right direction.

Moorestock. Photo: SCREDO

Fish Market. Photo: SCREDO

Header Image: Persephone Brewing Company — SCREDO