Building Better Business

Investors and entrepreneurs focused on purpose-driven values that align with giving back, contributing to the community, and taking care of the places they operate will discover that the Southern Sunshine Coast is the place to build business, better.

Businesses on the Southern Sunshine Coast not only prosper financially, but thrive by positively impacting and contributing to the social, cultural, and ecological fabric of the communities they serve. This style of business is welcomed on the Southern Sunshine Coast and aligns with other businesses who operate on these same principles.

Here, you can join leaders like Persephone Brewing Company, who has built community contribution into the heart of its business model and focuses on balancing purpose with profit as a Certified B-Corporation. You can be inspired by businesses like Salish Soils and Swanson’s Concrete, examples of business models that focus on providing economic opportunities and employment to shíshálh Nation members. Entrepreneurs can join a host of values-driven start-ups like Coastal Rides, Sunshine Coast Tiny Homes, Sunshine Coast Seaweed Farms, Goodacre Market, Coho Commissionary, and Northern Divine who are all proving that doing good for the plant, strengthening food systems, and supporting the sharing economy can be a business model that truly works—in part because of the community support found on the Southern Sunshine Coast. To help bring value-aligned businesses to life, investors and entrepreneurs can access capital investment opportunities from finance leaders like Rhiza Capital and the Sunshine Coast Credit Union, who strive to support these better business models. Here, it truly is possible to do business, better.

Persephone Brewing Company. Photo: SCREDO

Goodacre Market. Photo: SCREDO

Header Image: Salish Soils