Workforce Advantages

The Southern Sunshine Coast economy has seen a three-decade transition from a forestry- and fishing-based economy to a more diversified mix of industries and activities. Today, trades, business services, retail, and tourism have an increasing share in the economic profile across each coastal community.

This signifies the adaptability of the workforce and is advantageous to employers and entrepreneurs looking to start or grow a business. Access to a wide range of talent and skill sets from within the community—who have thrived through periods of change over many years—is an undeniable advantage. In addition, the growth in population of the Southern Sunshine Coast—including an increase of younger professionals—has created a unique opportunity to find a pool of driven, reliable, and educated professionals for new business and development projects. Relative to other communities of similar populations around British Columbia, there is a large professional workforce population on the Southern Sunshine Coast.

Gibsons Public Market. Photo: Shayd Johnson/Sunshine Coast Tourism

Bricker Cider Company. Photo: SCREDO

Header Image: Saffron — SCREDO