Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD)

The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) is responsible for a number of common functions for the entire Southern Sunshine Coast and has governance over more rural areas including Langdale, Elphinstone, Roberts Creek (xwesam), Halfmoon Bay (xwilkway), and Pender Harbour (kalpilin).

These areas have common characteristics including larger acreages of land ownership and a less urban feel. Home investment and development opportunities in these areas are attractive opportunities for those looking for a bit more space while being within proximity to the larger towns and amenities. These areas are ideal locations for home-based or light manufacturing businesses and many entrepreneurs residing in the area are artists or working in the technology industry. In particular, Roberts Creek is an arts and cultural hub while Halfmoon Bay and Pender Harbour are home to many residents and entrepreneurs who seek a bit more space.

OTB Charters. Photo: Nathanial Martin/Sunshine Coast Tourism

Pender Harbour. Photo: SCREDO

Header Image: Roberts Creek — Yvonna Chow/Destination BC